What Lesson Can We Learn from Facebook Shutting Down?

What Lesson Can We Learn from Facebook Shutting Down?

Facebook and its empire of subsidiaries including Whats App and Instagram went dark around 11:40am ET this Monday, October 4th. At the time of this writing, Facebook itself had not released the root cause of the issue. Many tech experts have speculated that the issue can be attributed to a routing issue , making their IP address virtually undiscoverable. In the short time that Facebook’s network was disconnected from the internet, the public had a digital field day. “Facebook shutting down”  was trending #3 worldwide on Twitter; many users were talking about repurposing their Instagram or Facebook content for Pinterest, TikTok, Tumblr or other less congested sites. For those using social media as their main or dare I say only vehicle of marketing, October 4th was an eye-opening day. Here are some lessons marketers can take from it.

Don’t Put Your Eggs all in One Basket

Working at the wim of one singular vehicle, platform, or medium can leave you vulnerable to the desires, changes, and as we saw Monday, the vulnerabilities of that company. While social media platforms are a great tool to boost and support your campaign, they should not be the sole backbone of your marketing tactics. We recommend a mix marketing strategy not because we fear another social media shut down but because it works better. It boils down to a pretty simple modo you may have heard before: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

The main reason we don’t advise using Facebook or Instagram as your main marketing medium is not simply out of fear of a crash such as this one. Rather, we urge you to look at the vulnerabilities of your campaign that were exposed during the absences of Facebook owned media and ask: How discoverable are you? If your marketing campaign halted from reaching the market because of Facebook, you should reconsider your digital approach.

A Mixed Marketing Plan is The Most Effective 

In today’s digital age, the amount of media we consume is a habit. And when one goes down, we simply migrate to another. This is why a mixed marketing approach will always reign supreme. Not only are you reaching multiple audiences, but you are putting your name in as many places as you can, making your business more discoverable. Let this be a reminder for creators in digital marketing to get a website, build a newsletter and focus on more than one platform.

As John Gram, CTO of internet infrastructure at Cloudflare said  “the internet is essentially a network of networks, each advertising its presence to the other. For once Facebook has stopped advertising.” If Facebook halted the entirety of your marketing efforts, consider this a sign to diversify your digital marketing strategy. 

SEO vs. Social

One of our biggest efforts as marketers is making our clients easily discoverable. Social media simply supports this goal. SEO is what makes it happen. Social media makes you recognizable, but SEO makes you discoverable. Without a high-quality website with carefully thought-out search engine optimization, your product and services will be lost in Google’s vast expanse. LinkedIn, blogs, podcasts, and other mix marketing avenues should not be discounted. While promotional advertising has changed, migrating across platforms from Instagram to TikTok, the importance of SEO has remained unwavered.

In juxtaposition to the unwavering necessity and effectiveness of SEO in digital marketing, social media trends and platforms continue to change at an ever increasing rate. Yet these trendy platforms are volatile. While keeping up with these social media trends is what makes marketing as a job so dynamic, we as industry professionals must approach SEO with a deep respect for understanding of the foundational nature of SEO. Whatever the demographic of your audiences or their media uses and habits, being discoverable will never go out of style, nor will it ever be ineffective. SEO can be a beacon in a storm. It’s the essential backbone of a well-designed website and mixed marketing combination.

The Take Away

Understanding the vulnerabilities of a social media based campaigns is a great first step in assessing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Keeping in mind the power of SEO and the necessity of a quality website will ensure a strong foundation for your marketing efforts. While social media is a great tool to support your campaign we advise a mix marketing plan that reaches beyond the confines of a few simple channels for maximum discoverability.


The outage cost Facebook an estimated $100 million in lost online advertising sales, while its shares fell 5 per cent, wiping about $40 billion from its market value. 

Do you need to help crafting the perfect mixed marketing plan for your company but aren’t sure how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been diversifying your efforts, but can’t seem to get the results you want.  

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