What is a Hashtag?



We’ve all seen hashtags on social media. But why do influencers and companies use so many of them? What is their purpose? 


Cut through the clutter 

A hashtag used on social media posts helps differentiate your content. They are searchable and can be used to explore other content that falls under the same general theme or concept. Hashtags can help you reach a specific target audience. These hashtags serve as a way to cut through digital space that is already congested. While hashtags are most widely known for their use on Instagram and Twitter, they can also be used on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube. 


Explore with hashtags

Hashtags also compel action or engagement. They encourage users to dig deep and keep exploring the topic your content embodies. In a similar fashion, users exploring content under a hashtag from a different company in an industry may stumble upon your content. Hashtags help with the discoverability of your post, account and business or company.


Distinctive hashtags 

Distinctive hashtags make finding information easier. Industry-related hashtags help you reach your target audience and put your content in the right space. Hashtags, whether general or specific, can help you grow your audience. Many businesses create their own hashtags for users to more easily find their content, or content related to their industry. This is a great idea for events or company specific posts. 


Using hashtags 

Hashtags are great because they are so easy to use. It’s one of the simplest and most effective media tactics that anyone can do. Hashtags help users find posts about specific content they’re interested in, as well as help you reach more people who are interested in your content. If you’re looking to grow your account by categorizing posts, reach target audiences and help your posts and page discoverability, then hashtags are a great way to start. 


Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram, hashtags can help your social media efforts. If you haven’t explored them, start by looking at industry-related keywords and tags used by other companies and influencers in your industry space. Click on a hashtag that you find interesting and explore the other content that appears under the word. From there, start using them for your content – you’ll be happily surprised by the results!


 Posts that include hashtags get over 12% more interaction.


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