Website Essentials: 11 Sections Every Website Should Have

Website Essentials: 11 Sections Every Website Should HaveThe results are in and 94% of consumers say that easy navigation is the most useful website feature. You might be wondering, “what website essentials are consumers trying to find?” Continue reading to learn what users need to find on your website and how to make these sections stand out.



The homepage is likely the first page that a visitor will see on your website. It’s important to make a good first impression by executing an appealing design that uses high-quality original images. Anyone can use stock images on their website—make a splash with an original idea that customers haven’t seen before and pair it with a compelling call-to-action.


About Us

If website visitors are interested in your products even slightly, they will want to know the story behind your business. Take time to craft a story that people care about. Make sure to include images of the team to show the people who are working hard behind the scenes. This makes your business more relatable to potential customers. Your story is a vital part of your website. 



It’s important for potential leads or customers to be able to know how to contact you! Make sure to have a section for this information to be accessed in the navigation at the bottom of the website. 



This should be a no-brainer, but customers need to be shown clearly where they can go on your website to browse your products or services. Make sure the path here is clear-cut without jumping through unnecessary hoops. Allow customers to be able to filter after getting to the products or services, not before. If there are too many steps before reaching what they are looking for, there is a good chance that they will bounce. 



Your blog should be accessible from your homepage or navigation. Make sure it’s not hidden and showcase your most recent posts.


Testimonials or Social Proof

Everyone prefers to read reviews before making a purchase. That’s just the way it is now. This means that testimonials and social proof that people like your products or services is essential to the credibility of your business. You can create a whole section dedicated to this or sprinkle this throughout your website.


Website Navigation

Website navigation is the compass your visitors use to help them find what they’re looking for. Make sure that the most important sections of your website are listed first and that it doesn’t get too granular or overwhelming. A great way to get insights into what your audience finds most useful on the navigation is through the use of heat mapping tools such as Hotjar or Crazy Egg.


Links to Social Networks

It’s common knowledge that social networks can be found at the footer or the homepage for most websites. This should be true for your website too. Look for other opportunities to link to social networks through testimonials and the about us page.


Customer Service Resources/FAQ

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to contact customer service when you need to. Make sure that your user experience is smooth even when a customer has a problem. This ease of use will encourage them to purchase again because getting assistance or making returns was so painless. 


Search Bar

A search bar can help your customers make a more detailed search on your website. This data can also be used to help you determine what products need to be developed if customers are searching for them without avail. 


Email Capture

Give opportunities for visitors to your website to sign up for your emails and newsletters. Email is a powerful channel so don’t miss out on this opportunity to make it even more successful!





94% of consumers say that easy navigation is the most useful website feature.


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