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Company Description

We are looking for a website designer/developer to create new websites, and refresh existing websites, for our clients. We are a digital marketing agency that believes that social media and digital ads work best when we can drive traffic to a highly-functional hub. There is no reason for a company to invest in a digital strategy if their website is outdated. You will work with our Content Editors to create an outstanding online presence for each of our clients, ensuring that their website and social media channels are working together.

We're looking for somone who truly wants to be part of our team. We're building something amazing, and need your ideas and talent to take our website program to the next level.

You will need to be familiar with WordPress, Google web tools, and have a basic understanding of the major social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube). The ability to work on non-wordpress sites is also a plus. Throw in some graphic design skills, and we would be pretty excited about you.

We are looking for someone innovative and creative. We expect our web designers to have design capabilities in addition to the ability to simply build out a website. You must be able to listen to a client's goals and ideas, and create a website that exceeds their expectations.

We value efficiency and the ability to juggle several projects at once. At any given time, we are working with several clients simultaneously, and each one of them needs to be treated as a priority. You must be able to prioritize a to-do list and meet deadlines without fail.

This isn't the kind of gig where you can work through a couple of rounds of changes, and be finished with the site. We will continue to tweak a project until the client is thrilled. We're looking for someone who is loyal, patient, and cares deeply about giving clients exactly what they want and need.

The right designer/developer for our team will have a solid understanding of search engine optimization, how social media and websites work together, and best practices for online marketing. We design great looking sites - that work to boost our clients' visibility (and bottom line).

This is a full-time, salaried position, with benefits and job security.

This is a full-time, salaried position.



The right person for this job will be….



If creating exceptional websites was easy, anyone could do it. If you have big ideas, are willing to take risks, and want a job where you can be innovative and try new things, KWSM could be a very good fit.


We tell stories for a living. That involves engaging and communicating with an audience online, but it also requires the ability to communicate well with our clients, and each other. We’re a small company, and you will have a lot of opportunity to add your feedback. We need someone who wants to be heard.

Great at Time Management.

Can you take a lengthy ‘to do’ list and prioritize what’s important? Can you multi-task when necessary, while continuing to perform well? Can you thrive in a bustling and interactive environment, and still get your work done? If so, you’ll fit right in!


We have a very collaborative office, and want to work with people who want to be part of a team. If you’re the kind of person who likes the door to their office closed, you probably won’t be happy here. (Our offices don’t actually have doors.)


We want to work with people who are passionate. If you have the ability to get excited about something and throw yourself into it, you will find a lot of kindred spirits here.

Additional Information

 If this sounds like you, please email Katie Wagner at katie(at)kwsmdigital.com

We value our team culture. You can experience it on our Instagram account @KWSMteam.

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