We Absolutely Love Blogging and Why You Should Too

Photo Credit: @ergo_infinity
Photo Credit: @ergo_infinity

At Katie Wagner Social Media, we love to blog! We blog for many of our clients who represent a variety of industries. We also write about our expertise; digital marketing and social media. Our practice is to post almost every day on our website, and then we share those blogs across our social media channels.

When Katie started the company, she was the one diligently writing each blog, but over the years blogging has become a shared responsibility for our entire team. Here’s why we are so passionate about blogging for our business.


Blogging Demonstrates Our Expertise

If two heads are better than one, then a whole team putting its heads together to build a wealth of information on social media is solid gold. We may come from different professional backgrounds, but each one of us is a social media expert in our own right. These aren’t assignments. Everyone chooses what to cover, which means we have the freedom to write about topics we know best or strategies we could sharpen. And since social media is constantly evolving, blogging is also a great way to learn from each other!


Blogging Benefits Our Clients

Each one of our social media channels is brimming with fresh content, relevant news, and tips to help your social media shine. Whether you follow us on Facebook Twitter, or even out Pinterest, you’ll be receiving a steady stream of useful information, most of which also lives on our blog. Many of our clients refer to our blogs to learn about our services or to better understand how social media can benefit their business. Providing them this resource is so important, and also a part of our customer service. We want our clients to be in the know too! And even though we’re giving away “free” information, we’re happy to help educate people on how to use social media properly.


We Practice What We Preach

At KWSM, we can’t stress the importance of blogging enough to our clients. There are so many benefits to having and maintaining a blog on your website. Blogging can give your SEO a major boost, lower the bounce rate of your website traffic, and drive new traffic to your website. Most importantly, having a quality blog gives you the opportunity to show off why you’re an expert in your industry. As a company that encourages our clients to post a blog weekly, it’s important for us to do the same! And the payoff is real. Go ahead and Google search “Social Media in Orange County”. We’ll meet you on the front page.


Are you looking to stay up to date on all things social media? Explore our blog here!




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