Using Videos to Enhance Social Media

Creating videos to help market your brand is one of the most innovative strategies you can use.  In today’s world of social media, videos are shared 12x more than regular text based content.  On sites like Facebook, video content is easily shared and has the potential to reach a large audience fast.

Many sites are moving towards video capability, which makes it easier to both incorporate and share videos on social media.  Facebook has a built in video uploader and YouTube is constantly updating their platform which continually makes the video editing process easier.

In essence, creating and sharing video is a great addition to your marketing campaign.  To dive deeper into this strategy I have a few suggestions as far as what to create. This list is geared towards small business owners in particular.

Video Interview

Create a list of questions about your industry, your brand and your company philosophies.  Write down  things like: Why did you start this company? How did this company start? How did you get your start in this industry? What’s the ideal client for your business? What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone looking to do business in your industry?  Have someone interview you and ask these questions.  Be as thorough as possible and try to answer the questions in terms that a potential customer would understand.  If you answer 5-10 questions, you can easily end up with a 30-40 minute video.

Once you’ve completed the interview, you can now go through and cut the video into digestible segments.  Take your answers and cut them into 30 sec – 1 minute video clips.  These can now serve as content for your social media channels.  The best part of creating these videos is that your answers are unique, original and organic.

Video tips

Another great idea is to do a series of “video tips.”  Take important industry terms and define them to your audience so these formerly ambiguous terms are now clear.  If you own a law practice, for example, definitions of legal terms may be a good direction to go. Another idea is to offer bits of advice and support through these videos. For example, if you’re in real estate, tips on how to put in an offer or how to price a home may be good forms of content to share.

There are many other options when creating video content.  These are a few basic ideas to get the ball rolling.  The great thing about video is that you can customize it so that it fits your specific audience and your brand.

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