Using Social Media to Maintain Brand Integrity: Case Study

Social media helps businesses maintain good relations with their customers. (Thanks @Cooperex for the photo!)

I know we sit and run your ears down about why it’s important to be on social media, but of course we know you’re still wondering, “Does it really work?” It seems like a silly question to ask, since the existence of our very company depends on this answer, right? So I’m just going to get straight to the point and answer yes it does, and show you an example of how social media helps one of our clients maintain its brand integrity.

With the advent of social media, people are now using channels like Facebook, Twitter and Yelp to voice what’s on their mind, whether it is good or bad. One of our clients, Paul’s TV, a national electronics and appliances retailer, knows this well.  Nobody is perfect, and running a nationwide business means inevitably running into customer concerns and complaints, except now the experience happens through social media.

Because social media is so accessible, Paul’s TV is able to receive and respond to messages coming through its channels instantaneously. Paul’s TV assesses and tackles any customer complaints on social media right away, reaching out to the customer and contacting him offline in order to help the customer resolve his problem. Social media expands Paul’s TV‘s customer service abilities, and the company takes full advantage of this.

Take this situation for example. One customer wrote on Paul’s TV’s Facebook wall complaining about his experience. Paul’s TV reached out to him immediately, and had one of its District Managers call him personally to talk to him about his situation. The result?













Paul’s TV’s prompt action impressed the customer so much that the customer felt compelled to write a follow-up post. And look at that, the entire experience “restored [the customer’s faith] in [his] decision to do business with Paul’s TV.”

Paul’s TV welcomes the conversations that come in through its social media exactly because of situations like this; Social media allows Paul’s TV to take better care of its customers, and to continue to improve its customer service protocols for posterity. So does social media work? Does it help Paul’s TV maintain its brand integrity? You bet it does.








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