Using Fun Social Media Memes To Engage Your Audience

Every so often a simple social media post will become a cultural touchstone. Celebrity tweets can go viral, or a breaking news story will be everywhere. But those are small potatoes in comparison to the great questions of our time. From “The Dress” to pineapple on pizza, some events will dominate social media in a bizarre and hilarious way. While you might not think you can tie it into your own account, the fact is, moments like those can be a massive boost to your social presence!


What did you hear?


The most recent social media storm revolves around an audio clip with a single word in it. The issue at hand is that some people hear the word “Laurel,” while others hear “Yanny.” The two words are vastly different, but both sides of the debate hear the word with such clarity that it is dividing the Internet.


Much like “The Dress” post from a few years ago, there is hardly anyone NOT talking about Laurel and Yanny. When there is social media wildfire, you can always find a way to jump into the debate, and help engage your audience.


How can I possibly use this?


Your first instinct will be how you can tie in the phenomenon to your company, which is exactly where you should start. Do you sell audio equipment? Have your customers “test their ears.” Do you have a theater that shows old movies? Turn it into a Laurel and Hardy sketch! There are some obvious tie-ins, but for most people, you’ll need to get creative.


Tell your audience what you hear! Spark a debate with them. Post the audio, and insist you hear one or the other. If it’s an image, tell people what you see. If it doesn’t tie into your business, that’s okay too. Posts like these can give you a human “face,” and get your audience having conversations with you and with each other.


Is your office debating it (we certainly had some spirited debates here at KWSM)? Make it into a blog! Tell your audience that your office is divided and ask for their input. Make it a poll, or a part of your Instagram story. Think of these moments as a chance to show off who you are.  Remember, part of being an engaging brand is asking and learning what your audience is experiencing.


Will people laugh?


Even though debates like the Laurel/Yanny question can seem ridiculous, they bring levity to social media, and for many people, it’s a breath of fresh air. If you jump on the trend within the first few days, your audience will be energized to put in their opinions, and the responses you see will not only be hilarious, but it will give you a chance to engage new people. Remember, people always want to voice their opinion, and giving them that reason to share will generate a great deal of goodwill towards your brand.


Fun and silly trends are great to jump on, but you should also make sure you’re keeping up with current events so you don’t miss out on other relevant topics. Keep up with those hashtags!


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