Using Facebook Groups To Strengthen Your Brand And Your Voice


A group sharing interests and ideasChances are, your time on Facebook is spent posting to your page, responding to some comments, and maybe messaging your friends through Messenger. While posting is obviously vital to stay on top of, you’re likely missing out on one of Facebook’s most powerful tools: Facebook Groups.


Facebook’s user base is currently about 2.23 billion people. That number is fairly well known, but it turns out that about 1.4 billion of those users are active across tens of millions of groups every month. This presents a huge opportunity to reach new users and engage in a more personal way. Learning to use them will open up new doors for you, and spike your effectiveness.


Using Groups For Promotion


Finding where to start is fairly simple. First off, I recommend using public groups. Public groups are typically more open to users sharing content on the page. Find relevant groups that have a large number of members, and that are regularly active. You want to see consistent engagement and activity.


The most important thing to remember is that you want to be sharing content that has value but isn’t self-promotional. You should be able to describe the value of your content with a sentence or two, and offer it up without trying to boost your ego. Keep in mind; you are sharing your content because it could be beneficial to the group, not because you want the spotlight.


Making Yourself A Valuable Member


One common misstep is when brands try to use groups to post and move on. They will comment and react to people engaging with their posts, but otherwise, they are absent. Not only does that show the group you’re simply there for self-promotion, but it misses the point of being a part of a community.


You should try to be active in the group daily. Offer genuine comments, make friends, and show yourself to be an authority on topics. Instead of saying “yes” or “no,” give context, facts, and information that the group can use. Be confident and consistent. Not only will the group appreciate you, but also when you post your own content, they are more likely to stand up and pay attention.


Facebook is the largest player in social media, and finding ways to keep your audience growing organically means branching out from simple posts. Take time to think about your brand, what value you offer, and what groups would benefit from your content and expertise. Then, get out there, and start breaking new ground.


Proper use of Facebook Groups and Pages can help boost your presence online in a major way. Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

Do you need to start marketing your company on social media, but aren’t sure how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been posting content, but can’t seem to get the results you want.

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