Unique Ways to Utilize Video


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If you haven’t utilized video as a marketing tool, you are falling behind. 87% of online marketers are using video content, and the numbers continue to increase in popularity each year. Knowing this, the pressure is on to come up with new, innovative marketing tactics. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with some of our favorite ways to utilize video in our marketing strategy.


Video Presentation Box

PR boxes have become so overly saturated, that influencers have even dedicated a YouTube theme around it. No matter how played out they may seem, they’re still effective and necessary. Rather than risking your PR box getting lost in all the mail clutter, get creative and make your PR box stand out with unique designs and a built-in video. Yes, video presentation boxes are real! Box contents are always a nice surprise, but taking your recipients through an experience with a simple box is the ultimate game changer. Share videos demonstrating your product, recapping an event your business recently hosted, or simply share your company’s culture.


Attention-Grabbing GIFs

GIFs aren’t limited to animations from popular television shows and movies. You can transform any series of stills or video footage into an animation, thanks to software like Adobe Photoshop and Giphy’s GIF Maker. GIFs are great at drawing attention to a call-to-action, enhancing branding, and giving your brand a personality and voice. Use them on your website, on social media, and even in your presentations – but be careful not to overdo it! Placing too many GIFs in an inappropriate setting may hinder your professional credibility. Know your audience, and cater your content to them.


Video Email Signatures

Similar to text messaging, emails can be conveyed in so many different tones. Introduce prospects, partners, and clients to your business by adding a crafty video to your email signature. Allow your personality to show through and introduce your company culture. As always, keep your videos short and know your audience. Adding personality to your business will help viewers put a voice to the name, rather than becoming ‘just another email’ in their inbox.


Screen Recordings

If you’re marketing an app, this one is for you! Screen recording is a great way to introduce your product’s interface to a prospect user. You can create content demonstrating common user habits, how to resolve frequently asked questions, new features and more. Additionally, vertical videos are becoming part of the norm thanks to IGTV, as 63% of video is consumed through mobile as of 2017. Visit our Say Hello to IGTV blog to learn about the three factors that went into Instagram’s IGTV.


Have you tried any of the tactics mentioned above? Share your experience in the comments below.


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