Twitter Goes One Handed and Snapchat Gets on Desktop

Twitter Makes a Change (And You’re Going to Like It!)

Instagram steals another function from Facebook, Snapchat settles in unchartered territory, and Twitter tweaks things in a good way.  These are some of the social media stories making news this week.

Hand it to Twitter

Twitter has just rolled out a new change that iPhone users are going to love! The massively popular app now features a new floating compose button that is designed for one-handed scrolling and tweeting. Pressing and holding the icon allows you to access photos, GIFs, and drafts. Are you a fan of this flip?   

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Instagram will now let users promote their stories in a function that’s similar to Facebook’s boost option. If you’d like to promote a story, you will be able to select whether to send viewers to your brand’s profile or to your website. This is part of an overall goal to increase revenue through Instagram as Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) faces an ongoing decline in revenue.

If you’ve been struggling to quantify your success on Instagram, you are in luck!

Business owners and marketing teams will be happy to know that Instagram has unveiled Instagram Analytics. While this is the beta version, it will still be useful for business accounts who want to track retention rates.

With Instagram Analytics, users will be able to create audience segments while also seeing if their audience overlaps with their website’s visitors. There are several new features. Ultimately, Facebook hopes that Instagram Analytics will provide valuable data to create more ad campaigns.

Have you tested out the beta version yet?

Unlocking More Options

If you’ve ever wished that you could use Snapchat Lenses on your desktop computer,  your wish has been granted!

Snapchat is introducing a free application called Snap Camera. This app lets desktop users finally enjoy the Lenses that made Snapchat so fun and famous. In case you forgot, Snapchat Lenses are an augmented reality app feature that changes your face in fun and interesting ways.

Now anyone on a desktop computer can stream and share using Lenses from their desktops. Lenses can be used on other video-sharing platforms and apps too, like Google Hangouts, Skype, and even on Twitch with a Snap Camera integration. While Snapchat has seen a recent decrease in users and popularity, this new expansion on the desktop might be able to bring in new users (such as office employees looking to have a laugh).

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