Twitter Faces Password Problems and LinkedIn Looks to Deliver More Leads to Your Team



LinkedIn wants to give you better leads for cheap; meanwhile, Instagram is enhancing your shopping experience.  But the big news this week in social media is the warning Twitter sent to its users.  These are the top social media stories.


Twitter Tells Users to Change Passwords

If you use Twitter, you may have noticed a recent message on the platform, informing you to change your password.

The platform experienced a bug that might take us hours to explain. Twitter tried its best to break it down in common terms in this blog post.  Whether you speak tech, or it’s all Greek to you, it doesn’t matter.  What’s important is that you need to know that your password may have been exposed.  This does not mean it has been stolen or that anyone has access to it.   It just means that the process the platform uses to mask your password from everyone – including the people at Twitter – failed. We recommend changing passwords, and we have done so for all of our clients. Twitter says it is putting measures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again.


LinkedIn Adds New Option to Increase Leads

One of LinkedIn’s main goals for its advertisers has always been to make it easier to generate leads for their campaigns. Last year, it introduced the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, and advertisers have since reported a 30% reduction in cost-per-lead. Aiming to further increase the number of leads, LinkedIn is adding three new options to the form: bid auto-optimization, desktop delivery and accessible lead management.

Here is what each new option provides:

Bid auto-optimization: Allows your sponsored content to receive more leads at a better price.

Desktop Delivery: Initially, the lead gen forms were tailored to only mobile, but they are now being expanded to desktop.

Accessible Management: Allows advertisers to send their leads to its new partners SalesForce Sales Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you would like to learn more about the new Lead Gen forms in details, you can read it on LinkedIn’s site.

Instagram Adds In-Stream Payments

eCommerce has become the epicenter of Instagram’s focus lately to make it easier to find products and services on its app. Continuously creating new features to capitalize on audience behaviors, Instagram has already begun to roll out the Shopping Tagsfeature to more businesses. This feature allows products to easily be found on Instagram by tapping on a link to make the purchase.  But it’s not stopping there. According to Tech Crunch, Instagram will allow users to register their debit and credit cards onto their profile in the near future. Users will be able to make purchases from products to things like movie tickets all without ever leaving the app.


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