Twitter and Instagram Amplify Your Ads, and Facebook Reminds Us to Get a Privacy Checkup

If you are running ads, you know you have to dial in the right combination of creative, copy, and offer to have a successful campaign. You also have to have an answer to the audience.  In the news this week, Twitter and Instagram aim to amplify your ads experience while Facebook guides you through your privacy controls on the platform.

Twitter announces Promoted Trend Spotlight

As a complement to Twitter’s Promoted Trends, Twitter has announced the Promoted Trend Spotlight. This new feature allows your brand to place your advertisements at the top of the explore tab for the first two visits per person, per day. 

After the initial two visits, your ad is moved to the standard Promoted Trend placement, and organic editorial content fills in where the Spotlight placement was. 

The benefits of taking advantage of this feature are that it makes content more eye-catching, and it strategically places your ad in a place to drive conversations.

Instagram Pushes Instagram Ads

As Instagram’s growth begins to decline, the Facebook-owned social media platform is working on ways to push the Instagram shopping feature. Instagram ads are a huge driver of the platform’s revenue. According to eMarketer, “Instagram was projected to generate $9.45 billion in ad revenues in 2019, representing a 52.9% growth rate from the year prior.” In addition, Instagram is trying to enhance the feature of purchasing directly within an ad. 

Do you sell products on Instagram?  Have you had success with ads?

Facebook Guides You Through Important Privacy Settings

If you care about your health, you may commit to a regular check-up.  Facebook cares about your online health – more specifically, your privacy.  Facebook has updated its Privacy Checkup tool. The tool touches upon four distinct topics that can help you take safety precautions when using the platform. The four topics include: 

  1. Who can see what you share
  2. How to keep your account secure
  3. How people can find you
  4. Your data settings

To find the tool, click at the top of any page on Facebook and find Privacy Checkup in the drop-down for access to these topics.


Facebook has more than 80 million small businesses around the world that utilize Facebook Pages.

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