Top Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

In order to keep your small business going strong, you need to be able to adapt. In the past year, we’ve seen many businesses pivot their marketing strategies in response to the pandemic. As the year has progressed, more challenges have arisen and businesses need to continuously adjust how they market to customers. Here are the biggest marketing trends your company may want to add to your strategies.

Hybrid Events

Many companies experienced big changes when in-person events suddenly came to a halt. Luckily, social media platforms and even video conferencing programs helped revive many of these activities and turn them into virtual events. Later in 2021, in-person events began to emerge and businesses were faced with a new dilemma – for a variety of reasons, not everyone was prepared to attend in-person events. As a result, the concept of hybrid events was born. This concept will allow you to cater to both in-person and online audiences. You can do this by providing AR or VR technologies for at-home attendees and build similar immersions on-site for in-person visitors.

Nonprofit Partnerships

Cause marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing trends. More and more consumers are focused on shopping from small businesses that share their values or the missions they care about. That’s why a well-rounded marketing plan that includes a partnership with a nonprofit could benefit your business. You can use multiple audiences to promote things like donations from sales or corporate sponsorships, and even try out product placement opportunities. If you’re considering bringing a more philanthropic aspect to your marketing plan, start by identifying what causes impact you the most.

Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing trend has been around for a while now. Most businesses using influencer marketing allocate 20% of their marketing budget just to these efforts. Experts expect this percentage to increase in the next year. Now with the help of new technologies, small businesses will be able to jump into their influencer partnerships more easily. When creating your influencer marketing strategy, you have to vet many potential candidates. This process can be time-consuming. New A.I. technologies are emerging that can help expedite this reviewal process. Instead of manually looking through lists of people, companies can now use A.I. to watch and access influencer content. These algorithms also help to match your business with the best people and help increase your ROI. If you’re looking to launch an influencer marketing plan, take a look at who your competitors are working with and think about what your ultimate goal is.

In our fast-paced world, it’s important to stay on top of marketing trends and adapt your business to meet your customers’ needs. Events and partnerships will continue to be prominent tactics for reaching the right audiences. Although these trends are exciting, it’s important to determine whether these tactics truly support the goal of your business. 

megaphoneOnly 58% of people say they are successful in achieving their marketing goals.

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