Three Ways to Use Instagram Video for Business

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Marketing analytics service SumAll has released a year-end report that characterizes Instagram as the most effective social network for companies looking for subscriber growth, engagement and a sales boost.

Not too long ago, Instagram unveiled a video feature on the popular photo-sharing app. Users can upload clips up to 15 seconds long and they’ll appear in your feed along with your regular Instagram photos. You can also add filters, just like you can with Instagram photos. If a picture of your work is worth a thousand words, imagine what 15 seconds of video communicates. So, how can you use it for business?

Product Demonstrations

One of the ways a business can use the video feature on Instagram is sharing product demonstrations or introducing new products to potential customers. Sometimes, a simple how-to video can answer your customers’ questions quickly and efficiently. For example, show how simple your product is to set up or use. Shoot step-by-step installation video segments and add narrations to give your viewers additional helpful information about your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Another way to effectively communicate to your audience using video on Instagram is to answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for your business. You can do this by making a list of the most-asked questions your company gets and use Instagram videos to answer them. Remember, you only have 15 seconds, so you don’t want to answer complex questions. Just answer anything that can be easily communicated so customers can take something away from it.


You can also shoot videos of the work you’ve done for recent clients to create a video look-book for potential customers to browse through. This tactic can pertain to most businesses, including hair salons, baristas, makeup artists, graphic designers and more. A short video collection is a great way to highlight your work and stand out. It gives your audience an inside peek into the end-result of your work and what they can expect from your company.

Instagram videos offer an opportunity for companies to let customers into their world in bite-sized, easily digestible nuggets that showcase their culture and style. They can help differentiate your company from its competitors.

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