Three Ways To Cultivate Company Culture


The best business owners understand that fostering a strong company culture is paramount to cultivating a work environment that is both focused and fun. Particularly in the creative industry, distinguishing your business by the values you uphold in your policies and practices can mean the difference between a dedicated team and uninspired employees. Here at KWSM, we live and breathe our company culture by investing in on our interpersonal relationships, leveraging one another’s strengths to raise the quality of our work, and even taking the time to find the work-life-balance with weekly happy hours! We get it done so we can have fun- just one of three ways we cultivate our company culture.


Photo: @KWSMteam
Photo: @KWSMteam

Lunch Roulette

One of the unique and most valuable parts of a small business is the cohesiveness of its team, or in our case, teams! Our significant growth in 2015 has led to the expansion of our web and content divisions, however, that hasn’t stopped us from taking the time to get to know one another on a personal level. When a new employee starts, he or she will spend the first few months grabbing a bite each week with every existing employee, courtesy of Katie’s vision for a tight-knit team.

Collaborate On Your Content

Our weekly meeting of the minds is a great way for cross-department collaboration, as well as for our internal departments to combine forces amongst their team members. In order to keep one another appraised of new developments in the social world, we sit down as a content team to talk about our clients and stay connected with the work we are collectively creating. It can be easy to develop tunnel vision in any position, be it in marketing or another sector, so taking the time to step outside of our daily tasks and expand our thinking is incredibly beneficial.

Unwind Once A Week

Work-life-balance is another phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but few businesses actually practice what they claim they preach. While we may occasionally miss a week due to deadlines or holidays, we try to set aside the last hour of every Friday to unwind with a glass of wine and catch up with what’s going on in our lives outside of our four office walls. Rewarding ourselves for a week of hard work is what keeps us continuously motivated to buckle down when the job requires it, but it also provides our staff something to look forward to- the value of which should not be underestimated.

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