Three New Facebook Features

Is it just me, or does Facebook always inconspicuously roll out their smaller-scale features, with very little official announcements? Most of the time, I unwittingly discover a new feature when I stumble upon it on one of my clients’ pages. Sometimes, they don’t  even appear on all of them! It’s frustrating, but what can you do, right? Here’s a list of three relatively small—but still notable—recent additions to Facebook that you might find useful

  1. Ability to Change Your Vanity Name: Before, you had one chance to permanently set your page’s customized Facebook URL.  I would always get anxiety when I did this for clients, because my fingers are prone to slipping in an extra letter or two when typing. So if I messed up, my client would be stuck with a permanent spelling error in their URL. Eek. Anyway, Facebook now permits users to change their Facebook vanity URL ONE more time after the initial setup. So if you’re unhappy with your URL now, you can change it, or if you’re content with what you have, you can at least rest assured knowing that your first choice isn’t entirely committal.
  2. Voice: Do you sometimes want to post on your Facebook page as yourself, not as your business? As an admin of a Facebook page, it used to be confusing trying to figure out what alias you were posting under. Now, Facebook conveniently tells you. When you are on your Facebook page, you can now see a bar that notates whether you’re posting as your personal profile or as your business. If you want to change between the two, just click “Change to…”, and it will automatically switch your identity for you.
  3. Post Scheduling: Yes, Facebook has a native post scheduler! Of course, we don’t believe in scheduling your posts (read why here), but this feature can be a great supplemental tool to your existing content strategy. For example, you are probably enjoying your weekends too much to be logging in to post content . But, how about scheduling a post or two on Friday and letting your page cruise on auto-pilot for the weekend?
What do you think about these features? Will they be helpful to you?







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