Three Keys To An Effective Call To Action

Businesses want their ads and social media content to stand out but often have trouble with the first step: Getting someone to click. There’s very Calls To Actionlittle point to spending hours on your content if nobody is looking at it, right?

Get your digital strategy to the next level with these three keys to an effective call to action (CTA):

Evaluate Your Goals

When putting together any campaign, it’s important to understand the customer journey. Do you want them to stay on a specific page, or look around? Are you hoping they fill out a contact form, or is it just as valuable for them to press that “share” button? Before asking your audience to take a specific action, you much first identify which actions provide the most value for you as the marketer.

Use An Action Verb

You have set your campaign goals, and put together good content… So what now? Establish a compelling action item. When doing this, keep in mind that your audience is essentially flying blind. They see an ad that resonates with them, but it’s your job as the marketer to tell them what to do with it. Using strong action verbs like “Click Here To Start Today” or “Learn More” gives readers an outlet, and immediately identifies that there is something more to discover.

Add An Incentive

Sure, you’ll get people who immediately click on your ad, but for the most part, there needs to be a little more coaxing. If you read our Snackable Content blog, you’ll know that your contributions to the digital space are likely competing with thousands of others for the same person. This leads to individuals essentially “phasing out” the majority of the ads they see each day. How do you combat this? Put together a value proposition. Whether this is an eBook download, or a complimentary consultation, users want to be rewarded for choosing your content, and incentives are at the core.

We often see clients who think that they can’t make a difference with a small budget. The truth is, however, that even a modest investment can take your advertising efforts a long way if the right steps have been taken to create an effective call to action. We hope this guide gave you a general idea on how to set up your next campaign. P.S. Check out our CTA below for a great example 🙂


Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase click-through rate by 285%.

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