The Social Media Trends of 2018

The Social Media Trends of 20182018 is knocking… And if you want to survive in this constantly changing social environment, you’ve got to learn how to adapt. In the last year alone, we saw Instagram hijack Snapchat’s user base, Twitter throw in the 140-character towel, and Facebook lay down the fake news law. It’s been a social media whirlwind, and 2018 will bring with it a whole new onslaught of trends, changes, and updates. If brands want to succeed in the New Year, they’ve got to be prepared. Let’s take a look ahead to 2018, shall we?

Organic Reach Will Take A Dive

As more and more brands take to social media, the platforms have made serious moves to try to combat spam. This means brands will have to work harder than ever (or reach for their wallets) to fight a decline in organic reach. They will need to strategize thoughtfully and pay close to attention to where, when, and what they post and invest in paid ads if they want to keep their numbers up.

Live-Streaming Will Dominate

We know what you’re thinking…”But live streaming dominated 2017!” That’s true; approximately 80% of consumers would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog and 82% would prefer live video to written social media updates. However, 2018 will be an even bigger year for live-streaming, given that users are becoming more comfortable with the format. It will not longer be a cool option to engage with your audience – it will be an expectation for your brand.

80% of consumers would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog. Click To Tweet

Instagram Stories Will Take Center Stage

Daily viewers of Instagram stories surpassed daily Snapchat viewers in its first year and, the growth isn’t stopping anytime soon. Not only does this feature allow brands to showcase their authenticity, but it also encourages immediate engagement due to its temporary nature. As this feature evolves, it will become an even more powerful advertising asset in a brand’s marketing arsenal.

Brands biggest challenge will continue to be standing apart in a highly saturated and severely cluttered space. But if they can create unique, authentic, engaging, and real-time content, they have the best bet at blowing their competition out of the water.


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