The Resurgence of QR Codes in Marketing

QR Codes in MarketingBelieve it or not, QR codes have been around since 1994! These little pixelated squares have fought an uphill battle in marketing and never quite fully caught on…until now! The resurgence of QR codes in marketing is changing the way brands are asking their customers to take action.  


What is a QR Code?

A QR code, short for quick response code, is a touch-free code that can be scanned with a smartphone. Typically these codes will provide an easy way to send you a link to a digital destination. 


Why Are QR Codes Suddenly Taking Off?

Once the pandemic was in full effect, many restaurants and health services opted for digital menus and resources for their customers and patients. The easiest way to implement these touch-free assets was through QR codes. At COVID testing sites patients would be directed to scan a QR code to fill out their registration form from their phone. When patrons would visit outdoor restaurants, they would be directed to scan a QR code to view a menu or order their meals. With so many people starting to use QR codes regularly, it suddenly became evident how useful a quick response code could be and how easy they are to use. 


QR Codes in Marketing


How Can We Use QR Codes in Marketing?

There are many ways QR codes can be used to support your marketing efforts, create a positive user experience, or encourage your customers to conveniently take action. What it comes down to is taking advantage of the ease of bringing someone from a physical place to a digital destination in just 1 tap! Here are a few examples of creative QR code use.


Lead to a Landing Page

QR codes will often lead to a company’s website or social media page, but you can lead to anywhere that makes sense. For example, you might ask a local business to cross-promote your gym by displaying a QR code for ease of information distribution. 


Automatically Call a Number

QR codes can be prompted to automatically dial a phone number for you. A door-hang flyer at a hotel might display a QR code to call for pizza delivery.


Lead to a Download

When asking customers to take action, a QR code makes it easy to get to a download page without searching through an app store. This could be used at the gate of an aircraft to promote an app download that passengers could use to watch movies and purchase future flights. 


Ask for Reviews

QR codes can be used for reputation management. They are often displayed at tables in restaurants and lead customers to their Google or Yelp page, encouraging them to leave reviews. 


Authenticate logins

Nobody likes the hassle of remembering all the login information you’ve ever created. QR codes can help create a painless user experience in this respect. I recently experienced this while downloading the Discord application on my computer. Since I was logged in on my phone already, I was able to scan a QR code on my computer and instantly be logged in.


As you can see, QR codes have a lot of potential, and we’re excited to see how they continue to evolve.


As of March 2021, data estimates that about 60-65% of people use QR Codes on a daily basis.



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