The New Feature: Instagram Story Drafts

Instagram Story Draft

Instagram stories have been a popular feature that the social platform released in 2016. From there, the story feature on Instagram quickly gained popularity amongst users and was one of the most common ways to share content on the platform. While this feature has stayed fairly popular over the years, there was never any way to draft the story you had been working on. The Instagram Story always had to be posted then and there, or discarded and restarted another time. Instagram has finally released the “Story Draft” feature on the app; here’s what you should know about it. 


The Instagram Story

The Instagram Story is a “casual” way to share content with your followers. The story only stays up for 24 hours and has many features that your audience can interact with, such as polls, replies, and reposting. You can even save and pin Instagram Story Highlights to your profile so any visitor can always view past stories. While this feature has been a great addition to the app, many users complained about its lack of a draft or save button. In the past, when creating an Instagram Story, the only option available was to immediately share what you were working on. If for some reason you weren’t ready to post or wanted to pause your work, you had to discard what you had done and start from scratch later on. 


Saving Your Work 

Instagram has officially implemented a draft setting when creating your Instagram Story. Now users are not pressured to prematurely post their Instagram Story or have to start all the way over if their Instagram Story is not fully ready for their followers! While this new feature is extremely useful, there is a catch.

When saving your Instagram Story as a draft, you are notified that drafts are only able to be saved for one week. If you have not done anything with your draft within the allotted time, it will be automatically deleted. Don’t get us wrong: we are definitely excited about this new addition! But don’t take more than a week to work on your Instagram Story draft. Hopefully, your creative genius has time to emerge before then. 


Did you know that there are over 500 million active daily Instagram Stories users?

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