The Importance Of Professional Production

We’ve all been there. It’s time to put together your social media posts for the day, orProfessional Production
update the website with fresh content… But you can’t find compelling assets. It’s an
issue that many business owners deal with regularly – The struggle between having
proper subject matter, and compromising on time by using less-than-preferred

Here are three reasons why you should be investing in professional production:

1) Time Value Of Money

The biggest argument against professional production is cost. Decision makers often
don’t want to increase operating expenses, with the idea that holding on to that
income will help more later on. This contrasts the concept of time value of money, in
which expenditures made now will likely yield more returns than making the
decision until later.

Simply put, spending on a well-organized photo and video portfolio now will create
value. You are one landing page away from activating your audience, and it starts
with the right digital portfolio. You want people to make that purchase decision, not
bounce off of your site.

2) Efficient Workflow

It’s not always an option to take your own photos or produce your own videos.
Managers have bigger fish to fry, and learning how to work a green screen, or snap
advertising content in the perfect lighting can be a huge time expenditure. Is it
worth taking your mind off of the core competencies of your business to execute
measures that are probably out of your wheelhouse? We certainly don’t think so.
Hiring a professional to get things done not only eases your mind to the hurdles
associated with production, but also ensures that you have the highest quality
material to showcase your organization’s digital persona.

3) Credibility

Professional production builds brand awareness and trust. Think about any
industry, and the names that immediately come to mind. That association isn’t by
chance. It’s a result of years of work from these businesses to become thought
leaders in their respective spaces. Making the decision to invest in producing your
own photos and videos puts your company ahead of much of the competition.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. If you go to a website, or are exposed to
an ad, but it isn’t branded well, that company immediately begins to fall lower in
your consideration set. Customers want credibility, and that starts with fresh
content, unique to your organization.



All 100 of the top global brands maintain at least one company
YouTube channel, and more than half of CEOs in top global
companies have appeared in a company video.

How well does your website tell your story? Today’s consumers
expect to have a flawless experience on the Internet. Your website
must be ready.

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