The Future Is Here: AR Beauty Try-Ons, Cryptocurrency, and Hacker Solutions

When The Jetsons were on TV jetting around in their flying car, things like virtual reality and cryptocurrencies seemed as achievable as flying pigs. This week in social media news, we see a few emerging features that not too long ago seemed impossible as Facebook launches its new cryptocurrency, Instagram fights off hackers, and YouTube launches an AR tool that lets you try on makeup – virtually.


YouTube’s New AR Allows Beauty Try-Ons


Technology is always amazing us, but something about augmented and virtual reality really feels like the things we dreamed about as kids were not out of the realm of possibility! This week, YouTube launched AR Beauty Try-On, which does exactly as it sounds and lets you virtually try on make-up as you watch reviews on it – and not just the final look, but also how to apply it! Google’s own in-house AR team developed this feature and has seen incredible results already with 30% of users opting to use the new AR feature as they try on different shades of lipstick right alongside their favorite makeup brand.


Hackers, Beware: Instagram Has New Solutions


“I think your Instagram account has been hacked…” is a text message far too many people receive, only to be followed by the frustrations of trying to fix the damage done and regain access of your account. Attackers usually send people a phishing link that requires users to enter their log-in information, and before you know it, you’re unable to log back into your account.


After years of this struggle, Instagram is testing a new feature that will help Instagram users quickly regain control of their account. In this new test, a user can provide their original phone number or email, and a 6-digit code will be sent. Once confirmed, the user will have access again to their account and even better – Instagram will now hold onto any changed handles for a period of time after the change, meaning if a hacker changed the name of your Instagram handle, no one else could claim it. Thanks, IG!


Introducing Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency, Libra


The cat is out of the bag: Facebook’s new cryptocurrency is official on its way to the app. The currency called “Libra” will launch next year on Facebook, and it to be thought of as a way to trade assets both online and offline, instead of the familiar cryptocurrencies we know about, such as bitcoin. Facebook’s goal in developing Libra is to be the first mainstream form of cryptocurrency that can even help those in developing countries without a traditional banking system.


Dante Disparte, the Libra Association’s head of policy and communications tole The Verge Last week that “the goal really is to improve financial inclusion and do to the transfer of value and payments what the internet has done to the transfer of communication and information.” Currently, Libra has 27 other partners, including companies like Visa, Lyft, Spotify, eBay, and more.


As Libra hits the scene, KWSM will be reporting on how your business can hop on this new opportunity – so check back often!

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