The Difference Between a Facebook Review and Visitor Post

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For business owners and social media users alike, the difference between a review and visitor post on Facebook is a common case for confusion.

While both allow you to leave feedback on a Facebook business page, the two functions serve completely different purposes.

Make sure you’re utilizing these actions properly in order to make the most out of communicating with a brand on Facebook!


When Should You Leave A Visitor Post On Facebook?

Leave a visitor post on a page when you want to ask a question, share a photo, or simply leave a comment for the company to see. Many Facebook users will share a photo of themselves with the product a company sold to them as a way of sharing that they’re loving their newest purchase. If you’d like your photo to get featured on a Facebook company page, sharing it in a visitor post is one of the best ways to catch the attention of a business.


When Should You Leave A Facebook Review?

Leave a review on a page when you want to leave a testimonial for the business. These can be either negative or positive reviews and are measured on a scale determined by a 1 to 5 star rating. 1 is the lowest score possible and suggests you had a terrible experience and 5 being the highest possible scoring, identifying that you had an excellent experience with the company. A Facebook’s business page rating is determined by the average rating of the total amount of reviews left on its page.


How To Leave A Visitor Post

To leave a visitor post on a Facebook business page, find the text box where it says “Write something on this Page…”. This is usually directly under the cover photo in the middle column of the page. The blue box in the image below will show you where you can find the comment box.

You can click the text box and a begin writing. If you’d like to share a photo or video, you can add those to your post as well.

Once you’re done writing your post, hit the Publish button to publish your post live to the page. If you’ve published a post on a Facebook business page, you’ll be able to view it under the Visitor Posts tab, wherever the business page has custom-formatted it into the layout of their page. Visitor posts can be deleted, so if you’d like to delete yours in the future, you have the option to do so.


How To Leave A Review

To leave a review on a Facebook page, find where the businesses star rating is located on the page. Click the blue stars.

After clicking the star rating, Facebook will take you to a page to view all the reviews and leave your own…

…Or you can simply scroll down until you find the option to leave a review on the Facebook business page, as seen in the below photo.

Give the business a star rating between 1 through 5 (5 being the highest rating) and write a testimonial regarding the type of service you received or what you thought about the product. Reviews are not permanent and can be edited, so if you had a poor experience and left a review, but the company went above and beyond in your next encounter with it, you have the ability to go back to their Facebook page and amend your star-rating and review.


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