The 4 Best 2017 April Fools Jokes on Social Media

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With any holiday comes the opportunity for social media success. April Fool’s is no exception, and we offered you some silly, yet effective tips to creating the best April Fool’s content for your business on social media. Because we can’t resist an opportunity to laugh out loud, we sought out the best-branded April Fools jokes on social media. And boy, we were in for a treat.

From Snapchat’s epic clapback—or “jab” for the non-millennials—at Facebook Inc. to Honda’s Horn Emojis we have a round-up of this year’s April Fools jokes. It’s not too early to take notes—2018 is around the corner.

Snapchat’s jab at Instagram 


Snapchat has officially addressed Facebook’s continuous replication of its Stories feature. The photo sharing app, known for its silly filters, created a themed filter that mirrors Instagram’s design. The app gained a lot of traction from celebrities, bloggers, and of course millennials enjoying the ironic April Fools joke. Well played Snapchat, well played. Do you think Facebook Inc. can top this?

Hall & Oates Name Change

John Oates from the Philadelphia musical duo, Hall and Oates expressed on Facebook that he was fed up with band mate, Daryl Hall being named first for the last 45 years. He announced on April 1st that the band would immediately be renamed “John Oates and Daryl Hall.” This left some fans confused, while others caught on quickly. Either way, they racked up 3.3K likes, loves, and laughs, 292 shares, and 300 comments. The silly post sparked so much conversation and reactions that we wouldn’t be surprised if the band saw a spike in album streams as well.

Jim Beam Beans

Jim Beans anyone? There’s no doubt that butchering the bourbon brand, Jim Beam’s name is easier than actually getting it right. We’re sure bartenders around the world have heard all sorts of variations, “Gin Bean,” “Gin Beam,” “Jim Beans,” and the list goes on. Jim Beam made light of its name by releasing Jim Beans, a can of beans you can find exclusively on the brand’s Twitter and Instagram pages. The April Fool’s joke landed them 22 replies, 227 retweets and 390 likes on Twitter.

Honda Horn Emojis

Honda combined our love for emoji’s with our dislike for traffic, with the fake release of Honda Horn Emojis. The horn allows you to honk according to your emotion using seven different themed emoji horns on your steering wheel. Whether you’re grabbing a neighbor’s attention or you’re not too happy with the trucker cutting you off, Honda shows off a fake button for both. The social media stunt got Honda owners pleading for a real version, in which Honda took the opportunity to promote some of its other features that are actually available.

In case you didn’t notice, these brands did way more than fool their customers and fans. The pranks were fun and exciting; best of all they sparked emotion and engagement amongst their fans and customers, which is the end goal.

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