Thank You, Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs passing away leaves me with an inexplicably poignant and empty feeling, the same kind of feeling I get whenever I finish reading a long novel, like I’m saying goodbye to the characters that I had grown to know so well.  It’s silly, really, feeling these sentiments—fictional characters are but made up, and of course I never knew Mr. Jobs personally.

Still, I can’t imagine what life would have been like without Steve Jobs in the world, sitting behind his desk at the Cupertino Apple headquarters and meticulously scrutinizing the next device that would invariably evoke so much happiness and joy (and inflict hysteria, at times) across the world.  Where would I be without Steve Jobs’ vision? My life is fueled by the byproduct of his inventions; Everywhere I witness beautiful things—art, music, design—all made possible by creative minds who utilize Apple products. I can carry my entire music library in the palm of my hand. And, honestly, I have a job because of Jobs!

I say this because I believe that Apple and social media go hand in hand. It’s perhaps an interesting discussion though, almost on the verge of the “chicken-and-egg” debate—Which came first, the iPhone or social media? Undoubtedly, the iPhone was released before social media completely took over the world, but if you look closely, the iPhone played a significant role in continuing the advancement and reach of social media.  Or, is it the other way around, and is the success of Apple products riding off the success of social media and peoples’ need and dependency for connectivity?

Whatever the case, it can’t be argued that Apple spawned an entirely new culture and community. With Apple products, people are so engaged and intertwined with each other because they have the ability to easily capture and communicate with technology available. And while the same can be said for say, Android products, it was Apple who first pioneered this culture of instant connectivity.

It is impossible to quantify the direct and indirect impact Jobs had on the world.  He may have passed away, but his influence, inspiration and legacy continue to rivet us.  Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.  Thank you for your talents, ingenuity, and for the slick gadgets we rely on today.  But most of all, you will always be remembered as one who really knew how to live a meaningful life with the drive to change the world and make things happen.

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