Temporarily Unfollow Users On Twitter

There is always that one person on Twitter who doesn’t know when to stop, especially during times like the Olympics.   One person inevitably spams the Twitter news feed with constant updates that reveal every detail of each event.  So the dilemma begins of whether or not to unfollow them.  Surely it would be unwise to unfollow every Twitter user as soon as they begin to tweet out of control.  If this happened then your Twitter numbers would decline astronomically.

There is a solution to the problem.  It’s almost like timeout. With a new app for Twitter, called Twitter Doghouse, you can do away with the annoying fan temporarily.   This works particularly well during Twitter-Centric events when the people you follow pollute your feed with sponsored spam, political flamewars, and live-tweets of some show or event you don’t care about. With this app you can unfollow them, tell them they are being annoying, and re-follow them after a specified amount of time.

The process is fairly simple.  You log in with your Twitter account, select which Twitter handle you would like to add to your doghouse and then select the amount of time they stay there.  Once the time expires, the user will automatically be re-followed.  You can even tweet to users explaining why you put them in your doghouse.

You can also put someone in your doghouse by tweeting directly to Twitter Doghouse.  For example “@TwitDoghouse JureStern 5d You’re going in my doghouse because you are yapping too much.”  The result is that JureStern will be unfollowed for 5 days then re-followed after that time period.

To learn more about Twitter Doghouse and how it can clean up your feed, you can watch their video.


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  1. Francesca StaAna

    Awesome tip, John! I’ll definitely try this out.

    On a slightly different note, flooders are exactly the reason why I love creating lists on Twitter. When I see people flooding my stream with topics that I’m not interested in, simply go to my lists so that I can quickly read tweets that I actually care about.