Taking a Second Look at Tumblr

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but, Tumblr is a microblogging site that allows you to post a variety of content.  This content could be a quote, link, photo or special song on Spotify that you like.  

Wait, your saying that this sounds like your blog on WordPress or the content you post on Pintrest?  It does sound like that, but Tumblr is different and has many benefits that can help you in social media.

Stake your claim

Much like securing your domain name it behooves you to lock down your company, blog or personal name on any social media platform.  Isn’t that just cyber squatting?  In a way, yes it is.  But wouldn’t you rather have the rights to your entity on a platform than have someone else take it?  That plus, Tumblr is easy to use and has other benefits.


You can create individual pages on your Tumble account that are tuned to your brand name.  This will help you across the board with SEO.  You’ll also be able to link from Tumblr to Facebook and Twitter.  Posting on Facebook or Twitter from your blog on Tumblr will let folks who may or may not know about your presence on that format.

You can also post links, like links to your main blog on WordPress or Blogger.  Simply posting the link means that you don’t have to create content twice, just link to it from what you’re already using as your main platform.

Aim Low

Do not aim your standards low, lower your demographic.  Most of the folks that use Tumblr are younger than other platforms and the average internet user.  The Tumblr marketplace has the option to become an entirely new source of people to learn about you or your product, if you use the platform correctly.


Tumblr is one of the additional networks that you can link to from Klout.  If you’re out to improve your Klout score having more networks that you’re active on will help you raise your numbers.


Tumblr has the unique ability to link to songs in Spotify.  Assuming that you have a Spotify account you can look for a song in Spotify and share it.  Facebook has something similar, but it displays the songs that you’re listening to.  This is different because you’re recommending one particular song.

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