Take the Best Lifestyle Photos of Your Products

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Your company may have a fantastic product that will instantly improve people’s lives, but if you don’t have the right photos to represent it, your sales will fall short. Lifestyle photos go beyond the realm of standard stock images and are meant to show a customer what their life could be like if they bought a certain product. Take the best lifestyle photos of your products by following our simple guide.

When in Doubt, Product Out

If you only take one thing away from reading this article, remember the importance of product placement. Your product labels or logos should always be clearly visible in photos. Potential customers might not take time to read the text you include with your picture, but they’re much more likely to pause and look at the lifestyle image you created. This does not mean your product has to be front and center in every photo. For some subtle inspiration, checkout the “top 40 Product Placements of all time.“

Group Your Goodies

When taking photos of multiple products, position similar items in the same shot. By grouping your goodies together, you can strengthen your brand awareness and encourage customers to buy more items at once. When sorting your products into various shots, try to limit the number of items to 3-5. Cramming multiple products into the same shot can overwhelm and distract your viewer. If you’re trying to use social media to launch a product, don’t worry about debuting all of your items at once; dedicate one day each week to revealing each new item.

Remember Your Roots

Make sure each photo is a solid representation of your company. Is your business family oriented or edgy? When deciding the essence of your images, ask these three questions:

Who will use this product?

Where will they use it?

         How will it be used?

Knowing your online identity will make it easier to take lifestyle photos of your products and market them to the right audience.

Set the Stage

Before you snap a single photo, set the stage. If you’re not hiring a pro to take your pictures, follow our amateur photographer’s guidelines. The best pictures need three things: proper lighting, neutral background, and clear brand recognition.

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