Why Having a Responsive Website Matters

Like the terms “cloud” or “big data,” “responsive” is a common buzzword in the vernacular of the internet, often used and rarely understood. But buzzwords don’t become popular for no reason, and it’s important to understand the value of this particular element of your website. What does “responsive” mean? Simply put, responsive web design refers […]

Social Media Tips for Hair Salons

It’s practically science: people can’t help but snap a selfie when they’re looking and feeling wonderful. The salon check-in has become a right of passage for social media users updating their look, and is almost always followed up with a myriad of compliments from their friends. Beyond showing off a new style, clients are ultimately […]

5 Tactics to Spice Up Your Twitter Content

Are you looking for more creative ways to spark up engagement with your Twitter followers? Brainstorming interesting content ideas isn’t always easy and limiting those ideas to 140 characters creates even more of a challenge. Fortunately, we have 5 different methods you can use to generate more engagement with your audience. 1. A Peak Behind […]

Including Keywords on Your YouTube Channel

There is one thing that almost every YouTube channel I look at is missing… keywords. I’m not talking about tags on videos – those are important too, but most people include a few of those. I’m talking about keywords for the channel itself. Most people don’t realize you can include keywords for the channel and […]

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