4 Important Google Analytics Metrics in 2021

Google Analytics is one of the most vital tools when it comes to gaining insight into your business’s website, especially for digital marketing data. Did your social media ad drive traffic back to your website? Did your e-blast successfully lead customers to your website contact form? Are your keyword-rich blogs ranking as top viewed pages […]

New Year Resolutions for Social Media

It’s the end of the year soon.  Top 10 lists aplenty and lots of goals for the next year to set, so get off your duff, snap into a Slim Jim and get to it!!!  Here’s a simple primer to help guide your social media goals for 2012.

Do You Have a Social Media Plan?

Odds are, you don’t.  Most of the people we have talked to don’t have a plan regarding their social media.  They open their computer, login to Facebook, and then start thinking about what to write.  Then they say that social media doesn’t work.  OF COURSE IT DOESN’T WORK!  Well, it doesn’t work if you don’t […]

Are You Being 'Social' on Social Media?

Something that I continue to come back to time and again is the concept that social media is all about being social.  Simple, right?  Then why isn’t everyone doing it?  Why is the vast majority of content thrown onto a page or scheduled, and then never looked at again?  If I wanted a news source, […]

Why Does Your Small Business Need Social Media?

How does a roofing company with no social media handle bad word of mouth?

This would seem like a question that doesn’t need an answer.  As you’re reading a blog post on a social media site you’re already attuned as to why your business needs social media.  However, just in case you aren’t we would like to offer you this cautionary tale.

But Where Are you Located OFFLINE?

A couple of years ago, you wouldn’t think of advertising your business and not telling people where to find you. Even if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar storefront, a customer might need to write to you. Maybe they want to send a note raving about the service you gave them; or they have a problem and want to return the merchandise you sold them. Perhaps a contractor wants to send you an invoice.

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