Creating A Five Star Customer Service Experience

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Your customers are an integral part of your business. Without them, your company wouldn’t thrive or even exist. When you’re providing customer service, maintain this mindset in order to assist yourself in delivering a helpful experience. Here are three ways to ensure that your customer service gets a five-star rating:   Responsiveness   Where there’s […]

How to Use Shoppable Product Links in Instagram Posts

If you work for a brand and or own a business account on Instagram, I bet you’ve said the following words at some point: “It’s almost impossible to show ROI on an Instagram post because clickable links have never been allowed in my post’s captions.” Well, Instagram is giving you a workaround! Clickable links are […]

Don’t Let Inspiration Become Imitation When Crafting Your Ads

  Everyone knows that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” right? There is a ring of truth to that, and keeping an eye on what competitors are doing is essential to keeping ahead of the curve, but in social media, imitation is often going to lead to stumbling.   The speed at which social […]

LinkedIn Providing More Information to Job Seekers; Will it grow channel?

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LinkedIn is hoping that a bolstered job board will bring more users, and more importantly more frequent users to the platform. It’s one of the trending stories in social media this week. LinkedIn Introduces Salary Insights LinkedIn is bolstering its job platform by overhauling its LinkedIn Salary tool and introducing Salary Insights. The new feature […]

Facebook Cleans Up Its Ad Metrics

Facebook is getting a head start on spring-cleaning! The social network is decluttering the Ads Manager in an effort to streamline the way businesses measure their ad campaign performance. Facebook will be removing any metrics they see as redundant, outdated, not actionable, or infrequently used, starting in July of 2018. Doing so will make it […]

Three Ways to Make Your Brand Pop

When you’re walking through a farmers market, the vendor that catches your eye the most is the one that you’ve seen previously in multiple places. This is due to that vendor creating a brand and telling their story through their design and marketing. If you want to make your brand stand out from the crowd, […]

Get The Most Out Of Instagram With Quality Hashtags

  Instagram is a massive platform, one with incredibly engaged users, and a chance to show off your company visually. It can bring out personality for your brand, connect you to popular influencers, and open your brand up to millions of potential customers. But what if your follower count isn’t growing? One of the biggest […]

Long Live Social Media Lists: Facebook Adds Popular Feature

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If you are an avid blogger or a reader of blogs, you no doubt are familiar with Listicles, write-ups on social that offer you content like, “the 27 best vacation spots,” or “the 18 famous athletes with their own brands.”   Facebook is bringing the popular format to its platform. It’s one of the social media […]

How To Keep Your Business Page On Facebook’s Good Side

Facebook is a business’s best friend, but it can be a fickle friend at times. Anyone who has spent time in Business Pages knows Facebook is always changing or experimenting with something new. Keeping up with the algorithm changes alone is a full-time job (literally…we do this for a living). Before you let Facebook get […]

Picture Perfect | 3 Reasons You Should Have a Professional Headshot

You invest in your business, training for your employees, technology for your departments, but as the face of your company, are you investing in a professional headshot? If you strive to be seen as a leader in your industry, your image should reflect your capabilities as an expert. 3 reasons why you should be investing […]

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