The Rise of the Social Media Influencer

  Forget TV commercials and magazine ads; the newest trend in modern advertising is influencer marketing, and it packs a serious punch. As social media continues to rise in popularity, consumers are looking less to traditional forms of advertisement and more and more to fellow consumers to inform their purchasing decisions. People pack their social […]

How to Grow Your Audience By Live Tweeting Events

What sets Twitter apart from other social media platforms is how it values “real time” news and commentary. Sure, Facebook and Instagram live, are the Johnny-come-latelys to the social broadcasting party. But Twitter is the OG of real-time discussions and confessions. But this doesn’t have to be lost on breakups, reactions to reality TV, or […]

Why Dwayne Johnson Rocks On Instagram

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a heavy lifter in real life and on Instagram. Give him a follow, @therock, and you’ll see what we mean. As a verified Instagram user with close to 80 million followers, The Rock is someone to take note of when looking at successful Instagram profiles.   Solid as a Rock […]

Snapchat 3D Filters, Facebook Instant Games, Twitter Moments | Social Media Trends

After capitalizing on the popular Moments feature on desktop last month, Twitter is now allowing users to create their own Moments slideshow feed directly from their mobile device! Meanwhile, Snapchat is proving its vertical video formatted ads and new 3D interactive filters are not a force to be reckoned with when it comes to its […]

What 2016 Taught Us About Social Media Marketing

Social media is constantly changing and evolving. Old trends fade out while new ones rise to popularity, forcing brands to either adapt their social media strategies accordingly or risk losing relevancy in the online community. While the constant changes can be exhausting to keep up with, they come as a direct response to users’ desires […]

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