Beware the Social Media Political Trolls This Year


2012 is an election year.  Radio, television and print are all very thankful because candidates big and small will all purchase advertising time.  Social media was around in 2008, the last presidential election, but it wasn’t as popular or far … Read More

Why Klout Matters, It’s Not Entirely an Ego Thing


If you have more than three social media accounts you should know what Klout is.  A quick primer: Klout measures your involvement on social media and gives you a score.  Klout doesn’t share your information with those accounts, rather it … Read More

How to Maximize Your Facebook Ad


Facebook recently launched a revamping of their ads campaign, streamlining it to help businesses better target their audiences.  The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can set your budget to as little or as much as you want to … Read More

Good Content: The Secret to Lead Generation


Marketing today is very different than it used to be. In today’s environment, we have to move away from traditional mass marketing because we have so many tools to tune out marketing messages—DVRs and satellite radio allow us to skip commercials, … Read More

Do I Need a Mobile Website?


But a mobile website is more than just a traditional website that’s been re-sized. Mobile websites play a different role in your company’s marketing efforts. These days many traditional websites include flash animation, forms, links, etc… the regular desktop website is designed to engage the visitor for as long as possible.

Mobile websites tend to be more functional in nature. Since not all smart phones are created equal, mobile websites need to be rather simple, in order to perform best across all of them. For example, not all phones support animation, so a mobile website should not have any.

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