Setting Goals In Google Analytics is Essential. Here’s Why.


By now, you’ve likely heard of Google Analytics. If you’re running a marketing program for your business, you’ve likely used it as well. This tool is extremely useful, but if you are not able to put in the time to learn it’s extensive capabilities, it can also be very confusing. No matter your skill level, […]

Agility: The Secret to Marketing Survival in a Fast-Changing World

marketing survival secret agility

The state of the world can shift in the blink of an eye, and this year has been a prime example. In such a fast-paced, digitally-focused world, it can be easy for your marketing efforts to fall behind the curve. The secret to marketing survival? Agility. In the past, big companies with long-standing marketing strategies […]

Orange County Businesses Closing Again: It’s Time to Evaluate Your Online Presence

This time of uncertainty has been difficult for countless businesses in Orange County. This week, Governor Newsom of California has ordered that businesses such as gyms, nail salons, movie theaters, hair salons, and many other indoor establishments reclose. These businesses will now need to evaluate their marketing approach and brainstorm how to keep their audiences […]

Affordable & Socially Distanced Video Content Solutions from KWSM

Our next KWSM Video Studio Day is scheduled at our Orange County office on August 6, 2020. You are invited to join us for a safe, socially distanced video shoot to enhance your business’s digital marketing without breaking the bank. This opportunity is a great way to refresh the video content for your website or […]

3 Social Networking Tips to Help Build Your Brand

social networking to build your brand

If your business’s marketing strategy has been ‘post on social media quickly and then move on with your day,’ it’s time for a change. In today’s digital world, the post-and-go tactic doesn’t work – you need to be interacting with your customers through comments, shares, and tags to get valuable brand reach. Consumers shop with […]

Best Practices for Target Marketing Your Small Business

target market small business

It is often said that ‘marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.’ When growing your business, it is tempting to want to throw marketing against the wall and see what sticks; you want to reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. However, in order to effectively market your product or service, […]

Online Marketing Tips for Orange County Hotels

The hospitality industry took a big hit as travel plans around the world were canceled due to the pandemic. As hotels in Orange County reopen, they must communicate with their guests on how they are adhering to the guidelines provided by the CDC and local officials. They also must find new ways to market their […]

How To Make Your In-House Photography Look Professional

how to take in-house photos

Small business owners understand – you don’t have endless funds to spend on marketing (or any single facet of your business for that matter). When money is spread thin, good budgeting rules all, and content creation is often the first on the chopping block. If you aren’t ready to upgrade your efforts to a creative […]

How Orange County Businesses Can Communicate Safety Protocols in the Workplace

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released new guidelines for employers to practice COVID-19 control and prevention when employees return to work. As our community reopens, Orange County businesses should read these guidelines and communicate changes and new protocols with their employees. We’ve shared a few tips on how to help make this […]

Why You Should Be Using Text Message Marketing

who you should use text message marketing

If you’ve ever done traditional marketing, you may know that billboards are popular along busy freeways because thousands of drivers have nothing better to do when they are sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. When it comes to rapid communication, text messaging is America’s preferred vehicle.  In fact, we send 6 billion text messages per day and […]

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