How to Use Live Video For Your Business

  Every social media platform seems to be concentrating on offering live content sharing! Most recently, Twitter announced its new live video feature that joins Instagram and Facebook when it comes to having live video capability. So if your business wants to maximize its exposure on social media, it is time take your content real-time […]

Social Media Micro-Influencers Can Help Boost Your Brand

Go big or go home, right? Not always. From a young age, we’re often taught to dream big, shoot for the moon, and never settle for less than what you want. However, when it comes to giving your brand the boost it needs, bigger isn’t always better.   As social media continues to take the […]

Twitter Video, Facebook 360 Live, Yik Yak's Downfall | Social Media Trends

2016 has proven to be the year of live video! Following the likes of Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has finally debuted its highly anticipated live video capabilities powered by Periscope. Meanwhile, Facebook is taking things one-step further as it combines live, 360-degree video for an unprecedented viewing experience, and popular college social network Yik Yak […]

Growing Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is an incredible networking tool for businesses. With a community of professionals at your fingertips, LinkedIn Company Pages provide the opportunity to target the right people to build a community of brand advocates and ultimately grow your business. And the more people who know about your brand, the more business you can drive. So […]

What You Should Know About Creating a Facebook Ad

  If you’re thinking about advertising on Facebook for your business, there are certain things you should know first. There is a more to a Facebook Ad than meets the eye. Every ad has four crucial elements that make it complete. Coordinate every element of the Facebook Ad to fit together so your campaign will […]

The Holiday Wish List You Need To See Social Media Success In 2017

The holiday season is here! Have you made your social media wish list yet? As the year winds down, it’s great to reflect on the efforts you’ve made on your social channels and plan ahead for future success. Determine the next steps for your social media strategy by compiling a wish list for things you […]

Emoji Search, Facebook Frames, Snapchat Original Programming | Social Media Trends

Lookout Netflix, Snapchat is gearing up for the debut of its original content after an expanded deal with Turner Broadcasting. Meanwhile, Google is taking Emojis to a whole new level with local searching directly from within Twitter, and Facebook is taking after Snapchat once more with its latest geotagging photo feature, “Frames.” These are the […]

The Rise of the Social Media Influencer

  Forget TV commercials and magazine ads; the newest trend in modern advertising is influencer marketing, and it packs a serious punch. As social media continues to rise in popularity, consumers are looking less to traditional forms of advertisement and more and more to fellow consumers to inform their purchasing decisions. People pack their social […]

How to Grow Your Audience By Live Tweeting Events

What sets Twitter apart from other social media platforms is how it values “real time” news and commentary. Sure, Facebook and Instagram live, are the Johnny-come-latelys to the social broadcasting party. But Twitter is the OG of real-time discussions and confessions. But this doesn’t have to be lost on breakups, reactions to reality TV, or […]

Why Dwayne Johnson Rocks On Instagram

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a heavy lifter in real life and on Instagram. Give him a follow, @therock, and you’ll see what we mean. As a verified Instagram user with close to 80 million followers, The Rock is someone to take note of when looking at successful Instagram profiles.   Solid as a Rock […]

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