KWSM Mentorship Program: Mentoring on SEO

KWSM Mentorship Program: Mentoring on SEO

Here at KWSM, we have an in-house Mentorship Program. I had the privilege recently to mentor Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Layla Lameijer on SEO. Layla has shown a strong interest in SEO and this was a great opportunity to take a deep dive into the subject and teach her some skills she can use moving […]

What KWSM CEO Katie Wagner Taught Me About Leadership

 While we hate to admit it, we live in a world where superheroes don’t exist. We can’t read minds, we don’t have superspeed, and even though we wish we could, we can’t just teleport to our next meeting. But not all heroes wear capes. And while we know the heroes in our lives don’t have […]

Email Marketing Mentorship: Coming Full Circle

I recently had the opportunity to serve as a mentor in KWSM’s internal Mentorship Program. This creative learning program is designed to build collaborative relationships while developing new skills. I was selected to mentor Content Editor Ivana Hermida from KWSM Orange County as she learned more about email marketing. The Role of the Mentor   […]

KWSM Mentorship Program: Email Marketing

As an agency, we pride ourselves in having a team of people who constantly want to learn and grow in our careers. In order to provide fresh ideas to our clients, we challenge ourselves to think outside of the box. Pushing the boundaries in this way can only be done by learning from each other. […]

Core Values at KWSM a digital marketing agency