3 Simple Cost-Effective Ways to Begin your Employee Advocacy Program in the Workplace
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An Employee Advocacy Program is a must in today’s economy. It’s a critical part of the company’s marketing plan and key to its success and longevity within its respective industry. Now more than ever, people are looking towards influencers for … Read More

In The News: Pinterest Prompts Breathing Exercises, Twitter Introduces LiveCut, and LinkedIn and Pinterest are the New Places for Influencers

Just when you think social media couldn’t possibly think of something else to update – it does. This week Pinterest added a new feature that picks up on stress pinning and prompts breathing exercises, Twitter adds LiveCut to Media Studio, … Read More

Facebook Ads Are Changing

If you’re a business owner with a service or product to sell, you’ve likely adopted a Facebook Ads strategy as part of your digital marketing efforts (if not, we can help change that!) You may be running and managing the … Read More

Christmas in July | Social Media Help Desk Episode 27

It’s Christmas in July, and we’re celebrating! This week on the Social Media Help Desk, Content Editors Ivana Hermida and Layla Lameijer got together with our guest host Alexandra Hall to discuss the week’s trending social media topics from Instagram’s … Read More

Tell Your Story With YouTube!

Last year YouTube introduced YouTube Reels, a feature on the video platform that took a page straight from the books of Instagram, Snapchat, and now Facebook.  Now called YouTube Stories, this feature is very similar to the now popular Instagram … Read More

What it Means to Take Ownership at KWSM

At KWSM, we pride ourselves on our core values (see below), but we also incorporate many other traits to better our day-to-day roles as digital marketers, such as taking ownership. What does it mean to take ownership at work? Taking … Read More

Get Ahead on Your Holiday Marketing with Facebook’s New Guide

Christmas in July? According to Facebook, it’s never too early to start holiday planning.    As one of their longest-running and largest research studies to date, Facebook IQ has compiled a complete holiday marketing guide with over 30 dynamic insights … Read More

In The News: Instagram Hides Like Count, Twitter Gets a New Look on Desktop, and LinkedIn Reveals its Algorithm

Sometimes with social media updates, there is no “heads up!” given. This week users on Instagram and Twitter experienced this, while LinkedIn revealed the result of a shift they also made right under their user’s noses. Here is what’s changed … Read More

KWSM Learns Wealth Management with Kraig Strom

Every three months, we invite local entrepreneurs and professionals to KWSM to speak to our team on topics that help with personal growth inside and outside of work. Having days put aside to focus on the well being of our … Read More

In The News: Twitter Hides Replies, Snapchat Launches Creator Shows, and Instagram Makes you Think Twice

Social media is trying to be a better place for everyone – making small but important adjustments along the way. This week Instagram and Twitter both rolled out features to make it a safer spot, while Snapchat added a new … Read More

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