Up Your Pinterest Game

Yesterday I attended a valuable Pinterest webinar hosted by Melanie Duncan (if you missed it, you can watch a reply of the webinar here). Pinterest is the third largest social network these days (trailing behind Facebook and Twitter, of course), and its ascent in the social media world continues.  Melanie graciously offered her attendees a plethora of tips […]

Why Every Marketer Needs to be A Journalist

When I made the leap from journalism to marketing, I got a lot of wisecracks from my newsroom colleagues. ‘Oh, you’ve crossed over to the dark side,’ they said. They wondered how I would be able to ‘sell things’ when so much of my career was focused on objective reporting. But as a journalist I […]

Don't Use Automated Messages

You’ve seen them. You’ve deleted them. You’ve rebuffed them. They are the abominable automated direct messages in your Twitter inbox. I don’t know about you, but whenever I see automated messages, I have no hesitation in clicking the trashcan icon; Why bother opening up something that is impersonal anyway? Still, the automated message is as […]

Why I’m Wary About Scheduling Facebook Posts

Facebook rolled out some new changes the other day, including stronger initiatives for advertising through promoted posts, new admin “roles” for Pages, and post scheduling. In the past, we’ve always discouraged people against scheduling their Facebook content ahead of time. Facebook did not have a native option to schedule posts, so people used third-party syndicator […]

Core Values at KWSM a digital marketing agency