Understanding Privacy Policy Gaps

Privacy Policy Gaps

Privacy policy gaps can leave your business susceptible to a lot of legal issues. Although many business owners aim to set their teams up for success, it can be difficult to know exactly what to include in your policy and how to be transparent about your data practices. We sat down with Jodi Daniels, Certified […]

Social Media Contests for Beginners

If you are looking for a new unique and exciting way to interact with your audience, you might want to consider running contests on social media. This method opens the door to establishing a deeper connection with your followers, as they have the opportunity to get something out of it. As a consumer, the possibility […]

What Does The TikTok and Shopify Partnership Mean for B2B Companies?


We’ve all seen the dance challenges and the lip syncs, but the TikTok and Shopify partnership is making the platform more than just a place for funny videos. TikTok is now taking a foothold in the eCommerce space and changing the game for business owners. Learn what these changes mean for your business and if […]

Case Study: Using LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation

Using LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation

At KWSM, our team is passionate about sharing our clients’ stories and services through effective digital marketing strategies. We focus on driving new business for our clients and setting them up for growth. One of our clients, Art Work Fine Art Services, wanted to showcase their services to customers, demonstrate the passion their team has […]

TikTok for B2B Businesses

A person holds an iPhone with the TikTok app pulled up in the App Store.

Popular video-sharing platform TikTok has seen its user base grow exponentially over the past two years.   What once began simply as an app where users could create or watch videos related to lip-syncing over popular sounds and songs is now one of the most popular social media platforms in existence.   One of the […]

Online Marketing Tips for Orange County Restaurants

Online Marketing Tips for Orange County Restaurants

If you are an independent or small chain business owner in Orange County, it is important to know how to leverage your online marketing and make your business stand out.  Online marketing can really help you get in front of the customers you are targeting, and in turn, get more people in the door to […]

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