KWSM Recognized as a Top Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta

We are honored to announce that KWSM: a digital marketing agency has recently been named one of the 10 best digital marketing agencies in Atlanta, Georgia. This award comes from DesignRush, an independent company that evaluates the most qualified agencies around the United States.  Agencies are evaluated by: Category (digital marketing, branding, logo design, etc.) […]

Take a Digital Deep-Dive with our NEW Social Media Bootcamp Webinars

Do you need to start marketing your company on social media, but aren’t sure how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been posting content, but can’t seem to get the results you want.    If you feel stuck at any stage of your social media marketing campaign, our Social Media Bootcamp webinars are for you! […]

“I Am a Leader” | Life Lessons from KWSM’s Leadership Program

Over the last three months, I was fortunate enough to take part in KWSM’s Leadership Program — a 12-week program led by KWSM CEO and President Katie Wagner, and designed to examine what constitutes great leadership, analyze members’ natural leadership styles, and take actionable steps towards improving our leadership skills.   This program drastically changed […]

Top 4 Webinar Tips | Atlanta Businesses Keep Audiences Engaged During COVID-19

webinar tips atlanta

Now more than ever, we are in a digital-centric world. Businesses across all industries have been competing to deliver the most engaging content for a while now, but this has only increased since the rise of COVID-19. There is more pressure than ever for businesses to step up their digital game if they want to […]

Virtual Networking Opportunities for Atlanta Business Owners

Networking during COVID-19 looks totally different from the traditional ways business owners are used to. With no public speaking events or conferences to attend, many professionals in Atlanta are struggling to find new, digital methods of getting their message out and forming the relationships they need in order to bring in business.    Luckily, there […]

How KWSM’s CEO Learned to Lead

An effective leader’s impact continues to motivate and inspire those around them, even years into the future. Many companies today achieve greatness because of someone who influenced their leaders years before.   For the past 10 years, KWSM has been piloted by our fearless leader and President/CEO, Katie Wagner. While many of us on the […]

Atlanta Law Firms Use Webinars to Expand Their Reach as the Pandemic Continues

law firms use webinars

It has officially been more than 5 months since Atlanta businesses started closing their doors and shifted to working from home in the wake of COVID-19. Now, even as businesses reopen and employees begin to make their way back into the office, it’s clear that many things simply cannot go back to the way they […]

KWSM Atlanta Welcomes New Team Members!

KWSM has recently brought on four new members to our digital marketing team in Atlanta! We are incredibly fortunate to continue growing our team in the midst of COVID-19, and we look forward to serving more Atlanta businesses who are pivoting their marketing efforts amid the pandemic.   In the last month, we have welcomed: […]

Digital Marketing Best Practices in a Changing World

In our society, things are changing constantly. With many businesses closing and reopening (and then closing again) due to COVID-19, the nationwide rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, the recent advertising boycott against Facebook, and so on, it has become abundantly clear that this is not the time for businesses to cling to whatever […]

Strengthen Your Team | How the Enneagram Can Improve Collaboration at Work

Here at KWSM, we thrive on teamwork. Though we have multiple offices located around the country, we communicate with each other constantly throughout the day – brainstorming ideas, reviewing each other’s work, collaborating on tasks, and ensuring everyone is accomplishing their weekly goals, etc.    As we serve clients in different cities, we operate as […]

Core Values at KWSM a digital marketing agency