How to Optimize Your Business’s Yelp Page

In the time of the social media giants – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – some of the smaller players tend to get overlooked. One of these small (but mighty) players is Yelp. Yelp boasts an average of 178 million unique users worldwide each month, so having an optimized business page can lead to major traffic in […]

Why Your Personal Brand Is Just As Important As Your Company Brand

While there should be a clear distinction between your business social media and your personal social media, it doesn’t necessarily mean one is more important than the other. Your business social media account exhibits your brand identity, which makes it undeniably tied to your business, however your personal social media accounts are just as significant […]

Five Quick Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation

As much as 48% of companies and HR representatives base their hiring decisions on a potential employee’s social media presence across the web.  That really shouldn’t surprise anyone, and really I’m surprised that this number isn’t even higher, with social media being so proliferate nowadays.  Everything you do, say or post online runs a risk […]

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