New Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updates

With thousands of stories coming in from users every minute, do you ever wonder how Facebook knows which stories are the best and most interesting for each user? Last month Facebook tweaked its EdgeRank algorithm some more, adding in a new factor that will affect the way stories show up in users’ News Feeds. This […]

Amplifying your Next Blog Post

Blogging online is a good way for a business to educate your audience about what you do. It’s also a way to establish relationships with your target customers. In order to achieve these things, you have to amplify your content and get it out there for people to see. First, you have to know how […]

Should You Be Worried About the New Facebook Newsfeed?

  Facebook unveiled its latest version of the Newsfeed last week, promising its users a better, more beautiful interface. The Newsfeed is the core of our Facebook experience; it’s the first page we see when we log in, and where we spend most of our time scrolling through, interacting with and digesting bits and pieces […]

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