Triberr Users Have to Manually Tweet Everything Now

A couple of months ago I wrote about Triberr. To recap, Triberr bills itself as a reach multiplier because it automatically tweets out your latest blog posts to people who are in your ‘tribe’.  Triberr started in March of this year in beta and has been building steam amongst bloggers since then.

Thank You, Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs passing away leaves me with an inexplicably poignant and empty feeling, the same kind of feeling I get whenever I finish reading a long novel, like I’m saying goodbye to the characters that I had grown to know so well.  It’s silly, really, feeling these sentiments—fictional characters are but made up, and of […]

I Have a Facebook Fan Page… Now What?

But as your friends, fans and followers await your status updates… how many times have you looked at the blank box and thought ‘What the heck do I type in there?’ You’re not alone. As social media becomes an increasingly important tool for business, it becomes harder to know just how to use it effectively.

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