Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holidays

What better time than the holidays to make your customers and clients feel special! While this time of year brings plenty of hustle and bustle that crowds customers with sales, there are several ways you can stand out and really give your customers an experience they won’t forget this season. Here are 4 social media […]

Instagram Hides the Likes and Facebook Ditches Billions of Bogus Accounts

After months of speculation, Instagram finally hid like counts off of posts, Facebook has erased billions of fake accounts, and Twitter turns to Topics.  These are some of the trending stories making news in social media this week.   Fake Facebook Accounts This year, Facebook has been cracking down on removing fake accounts on its […]

More than Just a Video | Social Media Help Desk Episode 82

Does your website utilize the power of video? It’s more than just a design preference; it can be the difference between a web page that converts, and one that doesn’t. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, our guest host Stephen Wagner is leading the conversation with panelists Content Editor Ivana Hermida and Junior […]

Tag, You’re It: What You’re Missing if You Aren’t Tagging on Social Media

Is there anyone/anything you have been following that you admire? Perhaps it is a brand that you enjoy shopping or an influencer that does an exceptional job showcasing products or lifestyles. No matter who it is, you have the capabilities to connect with them through your brand. Tagging helps build the bridge. Tagging on social […]

LinkedIn Launches “Open For Business” Feature

LinkedIn Launch

YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn have made updates this week that will help you feel part of a community, be more creative, and hopefully receive more business!  YouTube Rolls Out Super Stickers to Form a Community YouTube has officially launched a new feature, Super Stickers. These fun and colorful images can be found within a different […]

Benefits of Using Video on Landing Pages

Landing pages are used to bring your audience to a checkpoint within your business or organization. Ultimately, you hope to capture their information for remarketing or encourage a direct lead conversion. But how can you encourage them to move in the right direction? Video is one of the best ways to make your landing pages […]

Social Media By Generation: Which Platforms Each Age Group Is Using

Between Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z, social media use has become an integral part of everyday life. Whether they are using it to get in touch with old family members or looking for inspiration for their next project, the large landscape of social media has a place for everyone.  Each social media […]

LinkedIn Highlights Employees with a New Update


This week, we learn how much time teens really spend on their mobile devices, how much Instagram cares about their users, and what LinkedIn has planned for their new updates. Confirmed! Teens Commit to YouTube Most people assume that younger generations are obsessed with computers, smartphones, and social media. Well, now it’s confirmed! According to […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Posting a picture on social media takes about two seconds, but have you ever stopped and taken the time to analyze the photos you see? If you haven’t, you’ll realize that there is much more to a photo than what meets the eye. It just takes a few seconds to stop scrolling. For example, if […]

The Power of the Facebook Ad | Social Media Help Desk Episode 80

This week, we’re live out of KWSM Atlanta for the latest episode of the Social Media Help Desk! President and CEO Katie Wagner hosts the panel with Content Editor Princess Ruff and Junior Content Editor Meghan Greene, discussing the social media marketing tips business owners need to know to get the most out of their […]

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