4 Alternatives to Facebook Ads 

Facebook has and always will be one of the social media giants. It collects a variety of data, allows friends & family to share posts, gives brands a space to run promotional pages, and of course, allows advertisers to reach their target audience in a highly targeted way. However, if you feel that now is […]

5 LinkedIn Ads Audience Targeting Tips for San Diego Businesses

Placing carefully curated advertisements in front of a qualified audience is one of the best ways for San Diego businesses to drive conversions. With digital advertising, businesses have the opportunity to do this online, spending marketing dollars to show their messaging only to an audience they have prequalified by applying various targeting parameters and filters. […]

How To Decide What Digital Platforms You Should Advertise On


As a small business, you may ask yourself, “Everyone seems to be advertising on Facebook, should I be doing it too?” In today’s day and age, many companies who are new to digital advertising see Facebook as the “default” social platform for ads. It’s true, Facebook is a powerhouse and has the potential to deliver […]

3 Reasons to Rebrand Your Company

3 Reasons to Rebrand Your Company

Your brand amounts to how your company is perceived in the minds of consumers and is defined by the experiences they have with your company. As important as branding is, it can easily become stagnant as businesses lack the time to make a change – or don’t realize a change is necessary. If you’ve found […]

New LinkedIn Ads Targets: Growth Rate & Top Ventures


LinkedIn Ads are becoming increasingly more popular for businesses looking to generate new business online. Since it is mainly used in a professional setting, it is especially popular with B2B ventures and companies who are looking to get the attention of senior-level executives. LinkedIn has been innovating its platform significantly in recent months, in an […]

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Type of LinkedIn Ad

LinkedIn ads are more expensive than Facebook ads, but based on your objective, they can yield better results for your business. LinkedIn ads are a great tool for business-to-business interaction, as well as gaining more followers on your company page. Here’s what you need to know to create a successful LinkedIn ad campaign. There are […]

Advertising on LinkedIn – Budgeting and Targeting

LinkedIn has become the largest professional network on the internet.  With more than 175 million professionals, it touches ground in nearly 200 countries. It seems as though it’s the best place to put professional ads.  This is very much the case, however creating the perfect ad takes a little know-how.  The first step is to […]

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