Be Smart on Social Media: Think Before You Post

With kids and youth becoming adept at technology at such early ages, teaching them how to be good digital citizens in order to avoid future repercussions has become a vital issue.  Youth need our guidance, but even adults need a reminder every now and then about just how important it is to be smart on […]

Redeeming Yourself On Social Media

Two weeks ago I wrote about how I had felt slighted by a company through social media. If you missed the blog post, you can read it here. Long story short, I had tweeted a company, only to find that my question was swept under the rug and that the company was replying to other […]

She's Baaack! What I Learned From Stepping Away From My Company

If, as business owners, we don’t hold a vision for our companies, no one else is going to do it either. Who cares more about KWSM’s success than I do? And more importantly, if I stop caring (or just give it up for lack of time), who will pay the price? Not just me, but every member of our team. I have a responsibility to take time to focus on the business. I need to be calm and clear-headed enough to make smart decisions. And yes, sometimes that means stepping away from the laptop. I’ve realized that having a balance between doing the work and thinking about how we do the work is essential for success – and ensuring success is my primary responsibility.

How to Lose Credibility and Customers on Social Media

When I first started using Twitter to reach out to companies, I was impressed at how quickly some responded, or that they responded at all.  But then I thought, “It that really surprising?” You’re on social media for a reason: to socialize! If a company is on social media and chooses not to interact with […]

Negative Feedback on Social Media? No Problem.

What a lot of people fear about using social media is having to deal with possible negative feedback.  It’s not an inevitable thing, but of course, putting yourself out there on the web subjects you to open criticism (and positive feedback, too!). So you did it. Your company is finally on Facebook! And look at […]

Getting Started on Marketing Your Event through Social Media

Before the magic of social media, promoting an event meant shelling out loads of money for traditional advertising and having a dependence on good word of mouth. But the internet and all these new platforms now make promoting events easier and more cost-efficient for you. We said easier, not easy, because, well, all good results […]

Optimizing Your YouTube Videos

A study showed that the average number of Youtube videos a person watched each month was 106, which, if you do the math, averages out to around 3 videos per day. That’s not a lot, considering all of the cute cat and puppy videos out there that you know you’ve spent hours watching! So if […]

Facebook Insights – What's New?

Facebook metrics and insights are crucial to understanding how your fans are engaging with your page and content.  Having a better understanding of who we are reaching to on our brand pages allows us, our brand page’s administrators, to better tailor our marketing and communication plans to our fans and to potential fans. Facebook insights […]

Join in on the Conversations

News flash! Britney Spears is engaged! Yes, I know what you’re thinking: I thought she was married with two kids already.  But no, according to the popular trends on Twitter, the has-been teen pop star clearly has done it again. Not that I care, but apparently a lot of other people do, so much to […]

Scared of Social Media?

The other week my coworker Cheryl and I were musing in the break room, eating our lunches when we heard some ladies, who worked in our same building, begin chatting about social media for businesses. Social Media, you say?! Mine and Cheryl’s ears perked up.  We eyed each other knowingly, and pretended to eat our […]

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