3 Digital Marketing Tactics to Complement Your Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Tactics to Complement Your Social media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to begin to build relationships with your new customers. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can also facilitate relationships with your current customers and continue to build loyalty. With your efforts on these channels, you’ve already got a great social media marketing strategy. Complement it with these three tactics […]

How Does Social Media Marketing Help Your Business?

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Social media marketing is more than just posting a selfie on Instagram. When using the right strategy, you can help your business reach out to new customers, gain insight from your current customers, and increase your overall brand exposure. Here are more benefits of social media marketing than can help your business reach your top […]

5 Essential Graphic Design Tips for Social Media 

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Styles and trends change by the week, whether it be shoes, clothes, or social media content. As a marketer and graphic designer, it’s crucial to stay on top of modern requisites. What’s surprising is that most graphic design tips are quite simple, such as using white space more effectively and keeping designs simple enough to […]

Brand Journalism: Finding the Heart of Your Business’s Story

Narrative journalism is becoming an increasingly more popular and important form of storytelling, and many brands are incorporating journalistic stylings into their marketing strategies. Brand journalism stands in that gap, providing both internal teams and external customers with social, emotional, and practical insights into a business’s brand. What Is the Difference Between Brand Journalism and […]

3 Key Areas That The Metaverse Will Improve

3 Key Areas That The Metaverse Will Improve

The Covid-19 Pandemic has accelerated the growth of the digital sphere. It was a rocky start (you’re on mute!), but with time, the world started to adapt to this new norm. Back in October of 2021, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook’s rebrand, Meta. Meta’s focus will be to bring the Metaverse to life and connect people […]

KWSM Celebrates The First Annual “Taylor Lizura Day”


On May 23, KWSM celebrated the 6-Year Workiversary of Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Taylor Lizura, who serves as the agency’s Manager of Content, Advertising, and Training.    Last year, on her 5-Year workiversary, the agency declared May 23 to forever be known as “Taylor Lizura Day” – a day where all KWSM team members can […]

How to Create a Loyal Community Online

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Your message is important. Getting it to the right people on the right channel can help you build a loyal community online. These strong relationships, if cared for, will turn shoppers into your biggest supporters! Here are several ways to develop these lasting connections using your content marketing efforts.  Live and Showcase Your Values Customers […]

Chess, Not Checkers: How to Network Better on Linkedin

Best Networking Strategies on Linkedin For Businesses

Linkedin is a social networking platform that can be effective to businesses wanting to reach long term goals such as lead generation, brand awareness, and engagement. Let’s discuss how to network with impact to reach your business goals.    Stay on the Radar  Once your business has researched the right audience of those that seem […]

How To Choose The Right Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Due to the online landscape constantly changing, especially in the world of marketing, deciding which social media platforms to use to promote your business can be difficult. Trends come and go and even certain social media platforms have a shelf life such as Myspace. Myspace launched in 2004 and by 2006, it surpassed Google as […]

How Web Accessibility Helps Both Your Business and Your Visitors

May 19 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). As the world increasingly moves into the digital space for common everyday necessities, those that work in the digital space, including web designers and marketers, value the importance of web accessibility. In 2020, 14 million Americans had some type of visual impairment, and 37.5 million adults had […]

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