Siri vs Dragon vs Vlingo

Let’s face it: the main reason why consumers are flocking for the iPhone 4S is Siri and the improved camera. Or you’re a huge Apple fan and you simply must have every new phone Apple makes but if you’re like me, you know the iPhone 4 will hold you over until the 5 comes out. […]

New App Blip is Addictive

Last week, I told you all about how I spend my Thursdays at the app store and this new app I discovered. Ever since I found, I’ve gotten my friends turned onto it and discovered some new connections. I’ve also kept people apprised of my thoughts that extend beyond 14o characters. The response have been overwhelming […]

Do You Blip?

I look forward to Thursdays. It’s my day to geek out at the iPhone app store. Thursday is the day the iPhone app store gets refreshed with new suggestions for the week. They also list up and coming apps that they think their users should download and check out. I’m a tech junkie and I […]

Photovine: Watch Your Photos Grow

Photovine is a project that Google has been working on for a while. Available only in private beta and via invitation (like all of Google’s new projects), it finally became publicly available early last week and yours truly was first to jump on board and secure an account with a name I’ve always wanted: Suki. […]

Discover the World Around You with Trover

Some women seek retail therapy at a mall, however if you’re a techie nerd like me you find a balance between the malls, electronic stores, and maybe even the app store on your phone. Every week (and sometimes while waiting in line for my coffee), I find myself perusing my iPhone in search of the […]

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