Leveling Up Social Media Ads | KWSM Mentorship Program

Leveling Up Social Media Ads

August is back-to-school season for many families, and at KWSM: a digital marketing agency, it’s not so different. Continued learning is a pillar of our agency, and this takes many different forms. One of our favorites? The KWSM Mentorship Program! A couple of times a year, the KWSM team splits up into mentor and mentee […]

How a Copywriting Brief Can Get You the Content You Want

If you like getting things right the first time (or as close to the first time as possible), you understand that proper communication and instructions can be crucial for nailing your project objectives. Brand copy is an excellent way to build client loyalty and brand recognition. In order for your customers to know the ins […]

Media Pitch Tips: How to Score Media Coverage

Media Pitch Tips: How to Score Media Coverage

A media pitch can be daunting. Although your business may want the benefits of winning media coverage, the process of getting a story picked up can be overwhelming. Here are some simple tips to help you create a great media pitch and land your story. Tip 1: Journalists Are Also Your Audience Journalists are looking […]

Does Having a Moving Image as an Email Profile Lead to Increased Open Rates?

If you often scroll through Gmail on your phone, you may have noticed that some profile images move. Noticeably, Canva, which is seeking to expand its animation and video capabilities, has used this feature to their advantage in eblasts. If you run your email marketing through a G-Suite account, you can easily upload a .gif […]

Top 10 PR Mistakes to Avoid

PR mistakes

When pitching your story or idea to the media, you want to present yourself and your business in the best light possible. Unfortunately, many companies make common mistakes that immediately put their emails in the trash. Here are the top 10 PR mistakes you can easily avoid and increase your chances of landing a media […]

Boosting MQLs with LinkedIn, SEO Optimization, and Digital Ad Campaigns


An established Branding Agency recently contracted KWSM because they needed assistance with driving more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) in order to boost sales. Additionally, their search engine optimization was in need of a boost to get in front of more potential clients through organic search.   The Problem The client had been struggling with their […]

Instagram Feed Refresh: What You Should Know

Instagram feed refresh

The recent Instagram feed refresh has been rolling out to take on rival social media channel, TikTok. This new design will impact the standard square format, increase favoritism for Instagram Reels,  and launch story customizations.  Here are the changes you should know that could impact your current social media marketing strategy. Instagram Feed Refresh The […]

What is New for The Google Shopping Experience?

Google Marketing Live 2022: Google Shopping Updates

Google Shopping + Google Marketing Live 2022 If you run e-commerce and you have products in Google Shopping, you probably look forward with anticipation each year to Google Marketing Live, where the company announces new innovations in the platform.    Google recently held its big event, and we want to break down some of the […]

3 Digital Marketing Tactics to Complement Your Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Tactics to Complement Your Social media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to begin to build relationships with your new customers. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can also facilitate relationships with your current customers and continue to build loyalty. With your efforts on these channels, you’ve already got a great social media marketing strategy. Complement it with these three tactics […]

How Does Social Media Marketing Help Your Business?

social media marketing

Social media marketing is more than just posting a selfie on Instagram. When using the right strategy, you can help your business reach out to new customers, gain insight from your current customers, and increase your overall brand exposure. Here are more benefits of social media marketing than can help your business reach your top […]

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